Open Folder is locked in full screen

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Open Folder is locked in full screen

Post by Ken429 »

Description of problem or question:
I use Handbrake on several systems and the "Open Folder with one or more files" option opens in a small window as it should. However, somewhere along the line I did something on one of the systems that causes the "Open Folder..." to be in full screen mode. I cannot figure out have to get the program to go back to it's normal window. I have tried un-install and re-install and nothing changes. There must be something in the registry or somewhere that is messed up.

Steps to reproduce the problem (If Applicable):
Does it every time on one system.

HandBrake version (e.g., 1.0.0):

Latest version, I just updated to the latest version of Handbrake but the problem has been with me for several versions.

Operating system and version (e.g., Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Windows 10 Creators Update):
Windows 11 Pro with all the updates and fixes. As I said above the problem has been with me for several versions of W11 and probably W10 I just don't remember back that far.

HandBrake Activity Log ***required*** (see How-to get an activity log)

Code: Select all

HandBrake 1.6.0 (2022122800)
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.22621.0
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor            
Ram: 8115 MB, 
GPU Information:
  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti -
Screen: 1920x1200
Temp Dir: C:\Users\KRLor\AppData\Local\Temp\
Install Dir: C:\Program Files\HandBrake\
Data Dir: C:\Users\KRLor\AppData\Roaming\HandBrake

[18:28:54] hb_init: starting libhb thread

 # Starting Scan ...

[18:28:54] CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor
[18:28:54]  - logical processor count: 24
[18:28:54] Intel Quick Sync Video support: no
[18:28:54] hb_scan: path=E:\MainMovie\BLACK_ADAM, title_index=0
[18:28:54] scan: BD has 1 title(s)
[18:28:54] bd: scanning title 1
[18:28:54] bd: playlist 00000.MPLS
[18:28:54] bd: duration is 02:04:52 (7492318 ms)
[18:28:54] bd: video id=0x1011, stream type=H.264, format 1080p
[18:28:54] bd: aspect = 16:9
[18:28:54] bd: audio id=0x761100, lang=English (AC3), 3cc=eng
[18:28:54] bd: audio id=0x721100, lang=English (TrueHD), 3cc=eng
[18:28:54] bd: audio id=0x1101, lang=English (AC3), 3cc=eng
[18:28:54] bd: audio id=0x1102, lang=English (AC3), 3cc=eng
[18:28:54] bd: subtitle id=0x1200, lang=English [PGS], 3cc=eng
[18:28:54] bd: subtitle id=0x1201, lang=English [PGS], 3cc=eng
[18:28:54] bd: chap 1, 623581 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 2, 574031 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 3, 572280 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 4, 545253 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 5, 726934 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 6, 579328 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 7, 563312 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 8, 591549 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 9, 576033 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 10, 668084 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 11, 560601 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 12, 212086 ms
[18:28:54] bd: chap 13, 699240 ms
[18:28:54] bd: title 1 has 13 chapters
[18:28:54] scan: decoding previews for title 1
[18:28:54] scan: title angle(s) 1
[18:28:54] scan: audio 0x1101: ac3, rate=48000Hz, bitrate=640000 English (AC3) (5.1 ch) (640 kbps)
[18:28:54] scan: audio 0x1102: ac3, rate=48000Hz, bitrate=640000 English (AC3) (5.1 ch) (640 kbps)
[18:28:54] scan: audio 0x761100: ac3, rate=48000Hz, bitrate=640000 English (AC3) (5.1 ch) (640 kbps)
[18:28:54] scan: audio 0x721100: truehd, rate=48000Hz, bitrate=128000 English (TrueHD) (7.1 ch) (128 kbps)
[18:28:55] scan: 10 previews, 1920x1080, 23.976 fps, autocrop = 138/138/0/0, aspect 16:9, PAR 1:1, color profile: 1-1-1, chroma location: left
[18:28:55] stream: 5 good frames, 0 errors (0%)
[18:28:55] libhb: scan thread found 1 valid title(s)

 # Scan Finished ...

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Re: Open Folder is locked in full screen

Post by Djard »

Unless you purged Windows' registry of Handbrake's footprints, you did not fully uninstall the program. Until someone offers a better solution, you can do the following:

1. Back up your registry.
2. Run a search for Handbrake in Windows and manually remove any leftover files/folders.
3. Use Windows' Regedit to find and remove all the leftover keys in the registry. Resplendence offers a free Home version of its fabulous "Registrar Registry Manager" that finds all the keys and removes them with one click.
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Re: Open Folder is locked in full screen

Post by Silent_Strider »

What happens, when you doubleclick on the title bar of the "Open folder" window? It might not have a maximize or minimize icon, but doubleclicking on the title bar should disable full screen
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