File naming (automatic) does not change according to the new preset

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File naming (automatic) does not change according to the new preset

Post by Bigo2 »

Description of problem or question:
Hi everybody interested - I have this little problem - otherwise the Handbrake rules!!!

When I open a file to process, the naming in which I like to also specify the {quality_bitrate}, proceeds in accordance with the bitrate set in my default Preset. However, if I change to other, different Preset, with a different {quality_bitrate} the naming stays with the bitrate of the original preset in which the file was open - it does not change according to the bitrate setting in any new Preset.
Basically - whenever I select a different Preset, everything e.g. Dimensions, Video, Audio etc. updates automatically - but the name keeps displaying the original default preset.

HandBrake version 1.5.1 (2022011000)
Operating system and version Windows 10 Creators

Thank you for your ideas
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