Need Audio Settings Help

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Need Audio Settings Help

Post by dtjones369 »

I don't think that I am getting the most out of my audio. Not choosing properly. Just using the Super HQ or HQ preset.

I started realizing that I wasn't getting 5.1 audio with my setting and saw that the mix down was set to Stereo.

I just did a Handbrake update, so the settings look like they've changed for Audio. If I remember correctly, it was AAC, pass thru, stereo and then an additional entry for AC3 left alone. Looks like the file was being setup with audio options for different devices. I could be wrong.

I have 2 systems that can handle 5.1 and then several devices/tvs that just need basic sound. But when I tried to adjust the settings, 5.1 for setting 1 and then stereo for setting 2, I wouldn't get any sound, on a 5.1 or simple device. Just went back to the default.

What is the best setup for audio to make sure I get the proper output for the device being used? I am not looking for ultra high end output. Just want to make sure it works when it has to.

Are multiple audio tracks necessary? What is the best first track, second track setting to cover 5.1 and stereo devices?

HandBrake version 1.3.1
Windows 10

Thank you

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Re: Need Audio Settings Help

Post by rollin_eng »

Could you please post your HB logs, instructions can be found here: ... y-log.html

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Re: Need Audio Settings Help

Post by Woodstock »

Logs to see what you've converting are very helpful.

Knowledge of the target, beyond "best possible", is often imperative. Some audio codecs cannot be put in MP4 files, for example.

Playback environment affects this, too - some devices have no problem with DTS, but big problems with DTS-HD MA.

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