AppleTV Streaming Issues

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AppleTV Streaming Issues

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Since this isn't directly related to HandBrake, I figured I'd post it in the Tiki Bar...

Has anyone else had problems reliably streaming HD content (720p, ~4600kbps) to their AppleTV? I am able to start a movie, but it will usually stop playing about 10-15 minutes in (no status bar indicating it is paused). If I hit pause and play, it will start but will typically only play for a couple minutes before acting up again. Looking at the network traffic, it appears as if the video is being sent fine but the transmission stops abruptly. I have seen this problem before when my iTunes Library was on my iMac local hard drive, and now when stored on a AFP share located on my ReadyNAS NV+. Anyone have any thoughts or experience this issue?

Both my NAS and iMac and connected via a gigabit switch. This switch is also connected to my Airport Extreme, which uses 802.11n to transmit to the AppleTV. Signal strength is excellent at the AppleTV, and connecting it via 10/100 Ethernet does not seem to have any impact.
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Re: AppleTV Streaming Issues

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No problems here. Were the movies in question encoded with HandBrake? Do you still have the logs for them?
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Re: AppleTV Streaming Issues

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I use a PC with iTunes to play content on Apple TV 4K

Link to the NAS box manufacturer's page is helpful for figuring out what is wrong
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