Using NVIDEA GPU to speed up conversion

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Using NVIDEA GPU to speed up conversion

Post by ChocolateIsBaby »

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I want to use my NVIDEA GeForce MX130 to speed up video processing, but when I load a file and go to Video > Video Codec, there is no NVIDIA NVENC option. I tried manually running with the High-Performance NVIDEA Processor, but still no avail. There is an option to use my integrated Intel Graphics but I would prefer to use my dedicated card as it is faster. What should I do to fix this?

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Re: Using NVIDEA GPU to speed up conversion

Post by s55 »

Nothing you can do to fix this. the MX130 doesn't actually support the hardware encode engine since it's a low-end part.

The 8550U does however have QuickSync support, so if it's enabled in Preferences -> Video you'll see a H.264 and H.265 (Quicksync) option in the Video encoder dropdown on the video tab.

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