Newbie question

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Newbie question

Post by Funinhtemud »

Hi all just a few quick newbie questions I'm new to this and don't really understand it all , what I plan on doing is using plex on my smart tv to view my videos no blue ray at this time I have a stereo system I want to use to listen to the movies, I don't care about space I have plenty. What I want to know is which is better to use mp4 or mkv , how do I get the video to record in full screen and what's the difference between say fast 1080 super 1080 ECT

HandBrake version 1.2.2:

Operating system and version Windows server 2012 r2:

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Re: Newbie question

Post by Woodstock »

Plex will complicate your choices, because one of the features of Plex is to try and produce a video stream your viewing device can handle. That uses CPU power on the server. To make the most effective use of Plex, leaving the source alone gives you the most choices.

How powerful is the machine that will be your Plex server?

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