Batch processing?

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Batch processing?

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Handbrake has been a bit of a mild nightmare since my last upgrade from whatever I was running to 1.2.1. I upgraded from what I had been running, migrated my presets after some head banging to get them to do what I wanted them to do, but I got there and it seemed good... and then out of the blue, my presets vanished. I had no custom presets, and so far, two of the three presets throw a 'An unknown error has occurred' error. I've been working through that, but when it comes to 'batch processing', it's a bit tedious, unless I'm missing something. Because the presets seem to be a bit hit or miss, I need to check, and always adjust, all of the audio and subtitle settings to match what I want. If I have a batch of 25 files, I need to do this for every 'title'. Is there something I'm missing that would allow me to select the first file, set the settings, and have it process the entire batch with the same settings in a few clicks, vs going through and checking/changing the settings for each file?

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Re: Batch processing?

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As a general answer to your general question, it sounds like you're doing the presets wrong and haven't read the documentation.

If you post a support thread with the requisite details, someone may be able to help your specific situation.

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Re: Batch processing?

Post by jsegel »

Hey, in each of the panels for setting audio (or whatever, video, subtitles) there should be a button for "Selection Behavior" that allows you to set a selection for language or track or dimension. I'm not sure how it prioritizes if you select several.

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