deinterlaced + 8mb/s + sound 5.1

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deinterlaced + 8mb/s + sound 5.1

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WE USE HANDBRAKE TO REENCODE VIDEOS WEVE CREATED by reading vhs tapes and create mpegg2 files, i'd like to know what parameteres to enter to make sure the resulting video (h264, high profile, part 10, level 3, 720x486, 29.97, 8mb/s ) is deinterlaced, lots of parameters out there, also I want to make sure the output is 8mb by second. Finally it has to be 5.1 soundwise, does handbrake do that for sound? alot of questions!thank you very much, handbrake version 1.2.0

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Re: deinterlaced + 8mb/s + sound 5.1

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You are dealing with a low-def input. Starting with any preset with greater than 480p in its name is a waste of time. These presets also have deinterlace turned on, usually decomb.

You probably want to use the NLmeans noise filter with the "tape" tune.

If you're dealing with captures of VHS, you're not going to have 5.1 audio to begin with, so you can't make it out of thin air. If you NEED 5.1 audio, start with a video editor, and add a 5.1 soundtrack, if you can find it.
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