AVI Files will not play in XP

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AVI Files will not play in XP

Post by haggy »

HI all -

I love Handbrake and how easy it is to use.

I can make and MP4 with no problem and it plays fine but I really prefer AVI files. Everytime I rip to AVI I cannot play the file.

I have hundreds of AVI files from multiple sources and they all play fine. Handbrake AVI files will sit there and do nothing - Windows Media Player, Realplayer, Quicktime and several other players will only hang when I try to open a Handbrake AVI file.

When I try to open the file the hard drive runs non-stop for 10-15 minutes on the larger files but nothing happens.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks all!
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Re: AVI Files will not play in XP

Post by cvk_b »

haggy wrote:…and several other players…
Such as?
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Post by jbrjake »

Don't use b-frames in avi.
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