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Official HandBrake downloads

Post by BradleyS »

In light of recent malware attacks affecting popular Open Source app hosting site FossHub, now seems to be a great time to talk about official HandBrake downloads.

Official HandBrake downloads have never been hosted by FossHub. That said, FossHub does maintain a HandBrake downloads page that is not under our control. We do not believe it is affected by this breach, but this is a strong reminder to always get HandBrake from the official website, or the official Linux PPA.

If you have recently downloaded other multimedia software such as Audacity or MKVToolNix from FossHub, you may wish to read more about the breach and what to do: Slashdot article | Softpedia article | Audacity Team statement

Some of you may have noticed that work has recently begun on a new "beta" documentation project for HandBrake. Where to get HandBrake explains where to get an official copy of HandBrake and how to verify your downloads using the checksums we provide.

In short, and the Linux PPA are the only official sources for HandBrake. We encourage you to get HandBrake directly from us now and in the future.

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Re: Official HandBrake downloads

Post by s55 »

In addition to the checksums on our homepage, we now mirror these on our GitHub account as a secondary source of verification.

GitHub Checksums Mirror