Emerson tv, usb video coversion problems.

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Emerson tv, usb video coversion problems.

Post by kyresearcher »

Hi, I hope you guys can help, I am trying to convert some video's to play via usb on my tv, the manual for the tv says "Only a Motion JPEG file with an “.avi” extension is supported, I downloaded several converters and none have this format as an option, I just downloaded "handbreak", as other people say it works great for this project, but again, no options for this format. Am I missing something? Is this format on handbreak just in code that average people cant understand? Please help. Thanks
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Re: Emerson tv, usb video coversion problems.

Post by Woodstock »

Here is something to test... take an MP4 file, and rename it to have "avi" as its extension. See if it plays.

There are a lot of devices out there that are not as restricted as their documentation says. I've had TVs play MKV files that were named AVI, even though they did not list MKV support.

Note that AVI is a very limited file type - anything larger than 2GB runs into problems with violating the standard.
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Re: Emerson tv, usb video coversion problems.

Post by mduell »

MJPEG in AVI is technically valid, but neither the codec nor container are commonly supported output formats with any modern transcoding software. HandBrake is certainly the wrong tool for the job, since it supports neither MJPEG nor AVI output.

ffmpeg could probably do it, but it may not be simple enough for you to understand.
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Re: Emerson tv, usb video coversion problems.

Post by GregiBoy »

I'd also try the MP4 format as most modern televisions will play these.
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