How To Request Support for HandBrake

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How To Request Support for HandBrake

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This post is intended to guide you on how to post a support request on this forum. We have a few rules around how to post support requests to make it easier and quicker for us to provide a useful response.

HandBrake is a volunteer driven project so it simply isn't possible for us to hand-hold everyone through every problem they may have, so please try help yourself by taking a look at the following resources first:
  1. User Documentation
  2. Try Searching the Forum
  3. Forum Rules
When Posting

Please follow the following points when posting:
  1. Post in the correct forum with a clear subject line
  2. Provide the activity log - Please use a Pastebin Website (registration is usually optional) a and post the URL it provides..
    • All logs are saved to disk. See the documentation for more details: Activity Window
    • If there is a significant amount of repeated log lines, you can cut these out and simply add a line "Repeated many times ..." so it's clear where you removed the lines from.
    By providing an activity log, you instantly answer hundreds of questions. It is an agonizingly slow process to get the answers to these questions one by one without the log. The activity log also provides valuable information that helps us to find bugs in HandBrake. By providing an activity log you are contributing to the advancement of HandBrake by saving us many hours of cumulative support time and by providing feedback that directly leads to HandBrake improvements.
  3. Please do not email or PM people for support. Posts should be public for the benefit of everyone.
  4. Also note that we do not support old versions of HandBrake. Only the current version and nightly builds on the download page.