[SVN4950] Bug in the quality slider

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[SVN4950] Bug in the quality slider

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I have seen this happening before:
When we change the Video Codec (H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, VP3) the Constant Quality slider moves and its value becomes wrong.

A fix could be to have variables with the default value for each codec.

For example:
codec1=blah blah
codec2=blah blah
codec3=blah blah
codec4=blah blah

When someone moves the slider, the variable of the codec in cause should be updated. For example: codec1=slider_value for h.264.

And, when someone changes the codec, the slider should be updated and refreshed.
For example:

Moving from presets should be a bit more complicated, but the idea above is a good start.

Kind regards from,
>Marco A.G.Pinto

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