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README before suggesting a feature

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Github Issue Tracker

The preferred method for raising feature requests is our Issue Tracker on GitHub. If you do not have a GitHub account, feel free to use this forum.

Step 1 - Search First !

Before posting, we would appreciate if you take the time to look though the existing requests to make sure you are not posting a duplicate request.

Step 2 - Writing a feature request!

The "New Post" screen provides you with a template for what we'd expect to see in a feature request. It helps us understand what it is your looking for, and importantly, why.

If a request already exists, you do not need to "+1" it. Features included in HandBrake are driven by developer interest and not user demand. That said, open discussion about a feature and possible different implementations is welcome.

Step 3 - I've suggested a feature, now what?

Be patient. Few people work on HandBrake and those that are, are doing so voluntarily in their free time. Therefore, the time between request, and the feature appearing in HandBrake can vary widely.

Can I Help ?

If you happen to be an interested developer, please let us know and we can point you in right direction to get started implementing a feature. Either drop us a line in the post, or join our IRC channels and say hello.

What about in the mean time?

There is a vast array of good free and open source software out there. If HandBrake doesn't fit your needs, you may find other software that can fill the gap in the mean time.