[Future] Title(s) add all to Queue

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[Future] Title(s) add all to Queue

Post by costa »

I plan on re encoding all my old avi files and managed to load them a folder a time via the Source - Folder option into handbrake
now I need to open the title drop down menu, select one and click on add to queue then repeat this xx times.
a right click select all or a button move all to queue would be a big help.
there are lots of files
thank you
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Re: Title(s) add all to Queue

Post by peter_h »

Similarly, an option to to "Add all episodes" on a DVD would be great too.

I would love an "[Add all] between [X] and [Y] minutes long" function, so that we can only add the episodes on a DVD (which are usually all of a similar length), and not all the other adverts, titles and warnings crap that comes with it - nor the long "Play all" composition.

Currently, we have to select each episode on the DVD and add it individually.

:) Pete
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