Stitch together VOB files in Media Fork?

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Stitch together VOB files in Media Fork?

Post by rmichael777 »

I am currently ripping and coverting most of my dvd collection into iTunes to use with apple-tv. There have been a few 'issues' along the way but for the most part I am pleased with my combination of MTR 3.0 beta, MPEG StreamClip and Media Fork. I do have one question...I am getting ready to convert the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have already ripped the dvds. But the extended versions of each film are on two dvd's. Is there any way to combine the two dvd's into one self-contained movie using Media Fork?

I know that VisualHub has a 'stitch together' option but I prefer to use MediaFork.

I have searched the forum using every key-word I could think of and I can't see that this question has come up. If so, please forgive and point me in the right post direction.
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Post by cbud »

MediaFork cannot stitch together titles from a DVD(s). The easiest way to do this is with DVD2oneX. You will need to rip both DVDs to your hard drive with MTR. Then use 'seamless title join' within DVD2oneX. Make sure you increase the target size of the DVD (to be made by DVD2oneX) so it won't compress your video.

I have read posts here and at forums for other encoders where people have had problems with large encodes (>4 GB). Because this movie is so long, you might run into issues.
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Post by Cerebus »

Couldn't you rip and encode both separately, then join them in QT?

-- C
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