"Activity Window" --> "Activity Log"

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"Activity Window" --> "Activity Log"

Post by jzietman »

This is very minor, but I wonder if it would make it at all more clear to new users where to find the activity log they so often disregard if the button "Activity Window" in the Mac GUI were renamed "Activity Log?" It seems obvious to me, but maybe that trips some people up. Then again, we might not want to necessarily cater to the people who can't even see a large red box at the top of the forum screen...
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Re: "Activity Window" --> "Activity Log"

Post by dynaflash »

s55 has asked for this as well. Obviously a quick change, my main reason for calling the window "Activity Window" and the log "Activity Log" is so the people don't think the contents of the window is the whole log, which of course for any encode it isn't. However, if its agreed that it would be better called the Activity Log then I can change it.
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