Troublesome DVDs

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Troublesome DVDs

Post by golias »

So, I'm trying to archive my DVDs of "Magic Knight Rayearth", a fun little anime series.

I pop in disk 1 and find that HB only sees one of the episodes out of the five that are on the disk. I tried a couple more disks from the collection, and had the same problem.

This is the case whether I rip a VIDEO_TS folder using MtR, or simply try to pull the files off the original disk.

I'm using the latest stable build, but just for kicks I tried the last full release (same issue), and an old copy of HB 9.1 that I had lying around (crashed trying to scan it).

Any ideas? Am I stuck looking for torrents of DVDs I already own, just so I can get the files to my iPhone?

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Re: Troublesome DVDs

Post by jbrjake »

Golias, you know better than this. We don't do open-ended "Troublesome DVDs" threads, and it's impossible for anyone to even attempt to help you without a log.


Post again with a verbose log, and focus your thread on your immediate problems--not generalized queries that will attract users with unrelated issues that will inevitably derail it.