'no valid file found' for video ts file of animatrix.....

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'no valid file found' for video ts file of animatrix.....

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I ripped animatrix using mactheripper, creating a video ts file, just like the other couple of movies i've done. the only difference is that it detected the rce and i had to enter region 1. i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but now handbrake won't recognize my video ts file which works great otherwise works great. what's going on?

thank you

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Post by Mucx »

That is a bit odd...perhaps a bad rip with MTR? It has happened to me once on avery rare occasion. As a test ahve you tried doing a small rip from the Disc itself with HB to see if things are going ok?

As far as teh region thing goes, it isnt a problem as long as you set it to the actual region you are in.

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Post by MacFly »

i don't know bout animatrix but i had also a lot of dvds even with region code removed that would'nt rip with handbrake or mediafork

i used d-vision instead
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Post by Nonsanity »

Sometimes I find I need to run the main feature title through DVD2OneX, then HandBrake can work with it.

With Open Season, I had to do it TWICE, but that one gave me lots of problems anyway.
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