Add subtitle to my video iPod movie

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Add subtitle to my video iPod movie

Post by tklkam »

I followed the workstep and managed to use handbrake to convert DVD to video iPod format. For one movie, a Japanese movie, handbrake captured the subtitles automatically but for another Japanese movie, it did not. My questions are:

(1) How do I add subtitles to my iPod Video by usinh Handbrake?
(2) How do I choose the language of the subtitle?



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Please Help Me Too

Post by wilson8643 »

i have the same question with Terry. Could somebody helps me too? :lol:
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Post by dynaflash »

Well, if your using the MediaFork 0.8.0b1 version, There is a subtitles drop down under the "Audio" tab. It will be defaulted to "None". Any subtitles available should be listed in that dropdown.
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Post by wilson8643 »

hi dynaflash,

does it mean that i cannot select the subtitle when ripping the DVD though the DVD itself provide the subtitle that i needed?

cos i've tried to key in the subtitle chosen(says,i need the subtitle in english,and i key in the 'ENGLISH in the bar) in the subtitles drop down tab that u mentioned, but it simply didn't work. thats made me confused and couldn't understand. could you help me,dynaflash?

thanks for your kindness. :lol:
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Post by mccafferyr »

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Post by Diat®ibal¹ »

I have the solution to your enquiry...

In order to add the subtitles to your video you first need to decide which subtitles you're adding (if there are more than one offered) you can find the details of the available subtitles on your DVD file by viewing the DVD within HandBrake.

Once you have located which subtitle you would like to add make a note of which number subtitle it is amongst the list, then enter the number of the subtitle in the subtitle field (I think it's under the first tab at the bottom). Don't write "English" etc, it won't work, the subtitle field must contain a number[s].

The only thing is the subtitles come out quite small on the iPod! :wink:
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