Best crop settings for v1.6.1 please?

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Best crop settings for v1.6.1 please?

Post by cufinnev »

It's been some time since I last used HandBrake to do so some proper encoding. So it's a bit of a shock to me when I see that the Dimensions tab looks somewhat alien to v1.3.3!

As coarse as it a sounds, I'm not too fussed about image stretching. I just want to retain as much of the original picture as possible, with cropping kept to a reasonable minimum. In v1.3.3, setting Anamorphic to None and setting Modulus to 2 gave me a satisfactory result, with Cropping set to Automatic.

What settings should I use in v1.6.1 to achieve similar results? I don't find the newer interface very intuitive.
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Re: Best crop settings for v1.6.1 please?

Post by Rodeo »

Modulus is always 2 now. You can still set anamorphic to None and cropping to Automatic and leave the rest untouched.
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