No Valid Sources Found for playing AV1/Opus file(s)

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No Valid Sources Found for playing AV1/Opus file(s)

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HandBrake version: 1.5.1
Operating system and version: macOS 10.15.7
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Description of problem or question:
I have a set of eight video files, all AV1 video with Opus audio in an MKV file, all are fully playable in VLC. However when I attempt to load these into Handbrake it only loads three of the eight files, the others it dismisses as having no valid sources.

It seems like the files are generating some image previews but not enough to pass as a "valid" source, but the GUI client doesn't give me any way to override this or set the number of previews below 10. I know the files don't require any cropping so I don't really need the previews, I just need to be able to configure the task and add it to my queue.

The files themselves are fully playable in VLC with no signs of any errors of any kind, and I was able to convert one to h.265/AAC in MP4 using ffmpeg without any issues, so it seems like the problem may lie somewhere with Handbrake's image previews?

The smallest of the "invalid" files is 340.8mb if I need to find some way to provide this.