Scripting Basics - Please Assist

Discussion of the HandBrake command line interface (CLI)
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Scripting Basics - Please Assist

Post by proactivematter »

Hello everyone,

I am really new to working with CLIs and cannot figure out how to get stuff working as I intend in the terminal.

All I want is to have an executable that will:

1.) look into a folder
2.) get the MP4s inside
3.) feed the MP4s as the input
4.) output to another folder whilst retaining the original filename
5.) Also, would be awesome if it could delete the original input files once everything is completed.

As far as the HandbrakeCLI encoding settings itself, my need is pretty basic (I just need a crop) and I've already have got it working, so no assistance needed there.

Here's the folder structure:


Hope that's clear

Thank you
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Re: Scripting Basics - Please Assist

Post by mduell »

HBBatchBeast may be a better solution if you can't begin to script what you're asking for.
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Re: Scripting Basics - Please Assist

Post by floffy »

I just post a Script to do it , the only thinks missing it the PROFILE create with the GUI handbrake
the BATCH file i did its possible to convert from/to another share folder
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