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Homepage redesign - comp

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Long time fan of Handbrake - have been using it happily for years as my go-to GUI encoder - so just wanted to start by saying thanks for building and maintaining it. It's an amazing piece of software.


I've been looking to dust off my Figma design skills for a couple of months and generally try to focus on real-world products when getting back up to speed with it. I went to upgrade Handbrake recently and thought it might be fun to reimagine the homepage.

I'm not passing any sort of design critique on the current offering but thought i'd share a reinterpretation in case it's interesting to anyone.

I used Inter for the font, heroicons for the icons and tried to mostly follow the colour scheme already present on the homepage today. I've only worked through the 1920px layout, but it would be very easily resizable. I also searched Twitter for a few real tweets of appreciation for the testimonials section, but i'm assuming with a call to arms you could source some amazing user feedback for that part of the homepage.

Link to the exported design is here:

https://davids-file-sharing.s3.eu-west- ... design.png
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