1.5.1 has not fixed the issue

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1.5.1 has not fixed the issue

Post by engmod »

V 1.5.1 has not fixed the problem.

It is still asking for .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.1 (x64) install even though it is installed AFTER handbrake was installed.
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Re: 1.5.1 has not fixed the issue

Post by Rodeo »

1.5.1 fixes the requirement for .NET 5

.NET 6 is still required. Are you sure you actually installed the Desktop runtime and not another one by mistake?
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Re: 1.5.1 has not fixed the issue

Post by Charvelx04 »

When looking at the thread here for .NET downloads, and the picture included.. you'll see the server side files say: "includes the .Net runtime AND Core runtime files..." which is what confused me, as I have ASP.NET 5 and 6 installed.

Still failed.

So yes... if you have those, or any.. simply remove them, and then follow the instructions on getting just the .Net runtime files only. Not ASP.NET or Console runtime files.

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Re: 1.5.1 has not fixed the issue

Post by troubleshooter »

In my case, I had installed both the x86 and x64 versions of Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime - 6.0.1 and Handbrake 1.5.1 wouldn't launch and would ask me to download the .NET runtime again. I fixed it by uninstalling the x86 version, then repairing the x64 install, then launching Handbrake 1.5.1.

NOTE: Just uninstalling the x86 version and launching Handbrake 1.5.1 didn't work for me. I had to do a repair on the x64 version first.
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