what parameters to add to encode in HDR

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what parameters to add to encode in HDR

Post by Marie-Ren »

Description of problem or question:

Wrong HDR encoding / What parameters to add in the additional options to correctly encode in hdr ?

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1.3.3 (x86_64)

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Mageia 8 Linux

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I would like some help in knowing what parameters to add to encode in hdr a source movie in 4k HDR. I added the parameters hdr = 1, but it doesn't seem to be enough. There are parameters like this: ref = 5: me = 3: subme = 7: deblock = -3, -3: rc-lookahead = 100: bframes = 16: merange = 57: scenecut = 40: sao = 0: cutree = 0: hdr = 1: G (13250.34500) B (7500.3000) R (34000.16000) WP (15635.16450) L (10000000.1)
but it doesn't seem to work. Could you help me . I read the x265 doc, but I can't find how it fits Handbrake. I would appreciate your help. thanks a lot

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Re: what parameters to add to encode in HDR

Post by Ritsuka »

Upgrade to version 1.4. It will automatically passthru the HDR10 mastering metadata. And make sure to disable the filters, some are 8bit only, you can find a list on the online docs.
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