HandBrakeCLI on Windows 10 for ARM (Native)

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HandBrakeCLI on Windows 10 for ARM (Native)

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Quick Announcement

ARM builds of HandBrakeCLI are now available for Windows 10 users.


If you have a device with a Qualcomm chipset in it, you can now download the command line interface from our development snapshot page: https://handbrake.fr/nightly.php

In theory, this will work on other ARMv8 based chipsets but please note that it is not yet tested on any other platform.


We'd be interested to hear how it works and what sort of performance you get. Please see our Benchmark Guide and Benchmark Forum if your interested in posting performance numbers.

Hardware Acceleration Support

We support Hardware Acceleration of H.264 and HEVC in this build by means of the Media Foundation API. The encoder names for this are "mf_h264" and "mf_h265"

A word on the Windows GUI

The Windows GUI does not yet support ARM processors but this is planned. Currently, we are waiting for Microsoft .NET 6 to be released before we formally support it. We will post further updates on this when information becomes available.