Difference between HB and Quicktime export conversion

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Difference between HB and Quicktime export conversion

Post by BenBrum »

Description of problem or question:

I got a question specially for the Mac HB users.

I do have old mpg videofiles (720x576) and have to convert them into mp4 or mov to be able to import them into iMovie or DaVinci. So my objective is to convert them, not to reduce the file size.

I made use of HB to convert some of these mpg files into mp4. I also used the export function of Quicktime to convert the same mpg files into mov files.

At first glance I don’t see remarkable differences in quality between the mp4 and the mov files. But I noticed that the conversion process of the HB files took way way more time.

Considering that my aim is only to get appropriate files for iMovie or Davinci (in this case mp4 or mov) , why should I use HB (mp4) if converting by the export mode in Quicktime gives me the same quality (for mov) but in much less time.?

Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Mac Catalina 10:15:7

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Re: Difference between HB and Quicktime export conversion

Post by Deleted User 13735 »

Quicktime MOV is a container, not a format.
MP4 is a container, not a format.
Lacking required logs for Handbrake and MediaInfo for your Quicktime file, your question is a nonstarter, sorry.
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Re: Difference between HB and Quicktime export conversion

Post by mduell »

HandBrake is highly configurable to provide a wide variety of speed, size, and quality tradeoffs; so any difference in speed is trivial to address.

For editing, the Production presets in HB would be a good starting point.
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