Predict encoding size

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Predict encoding size

Post by MauserMan »

Description of problem or question:
I wonder if there is an easy way of calculating the resulting size of an encoding?
I mostly aim for a size between 4 to 5 Gb for my mkv:s. The problem is that I have to try and error by adjusting the RF slider until I get the size that I want. Is there an easier way to do this, can the resulting size be predicted ?

HandBrake version

Operating system and version
macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra

Thanks for your help :-).
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Re: Predict encoding size

Post by rollin_eng »

When using RF you can’t predict the file size before encoding.

My tests on Blu Rays show that most of the time you can get a rough estimate after about 25% of the encoding is done.

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Re: Predict encoding size

Post by Woodstock »

Estimating or targeting the output file size was removed from handbrake a LONG time ago, because it doesn't work. Take two videos the same size, but with different content (one a "talking head" video, the other video game play), apply the exact same settings to them, and the results will be different.

You can FORCE them to be the same size (using a maximum bit rate), but the quality will be different.
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