Is there a multi-task option?

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Is there a multi-task option?

Post by singzeon »

This isn't a support request.

I'm fairly new to the software, trying to familiarise myself with it. For now I use the preset Very Fast 720p30. Each video (~45 min) takes approx. 1 hr to encode. May I know if there is some option whereby multiple encodings can take place at the same time? As of now I can see in my queue it progresses one by one.
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Re: Is there a multi-task option?

Post by s55 »

Not currently but you can run multiple versions of the app at the same time instead.

It's a feature that's currently in development (and in testing in the nightly builds), but note it does require some pretty high-end hardware to be useful. Ideally >= 8 Core CPU with >=16GB of RAM really being the minimal.
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