HDR10 to HLG conversion

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HDR10 to HLG conversion

Post by cawak »

I understand this is extremely remote, but a nice option for Handbrake in video tab would to convert HDR10 video sources into HLG HDR, I've been looking around and there are tools on Doom9 to do it but they are out of my league. The Hybrid encoder supports it but again this is a bit too complex for me.

As to why anybody would want this.

1) HLG combines SDR and HDR into one video source so you don't need double copies taking up space.

2) Allegedly HLG handles HDR a bit better on low end displays vs HDR10 as it does some things similar to Dolby Vision and there are a lot of mixed capability HDR displays out there. It seems unlikely anyone is going to be generating DV HDR videos unless you have access to their tools.

If this is no way not gonna happen I totally get it.
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Re: HDR10 to HLG conversion

Post by Woodstock »

"Bugs" and "Feature Requests" forums are moving!

When you're going to make a feature request, you should do it in the place dedicated to feature requests.
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Re: HDR10 to HLG conversion

Post by BradleyS »

Not a bad suggestion. We do have plans to implement SDR conversion eventually.

As Woodstock suggests, reposting this on GitHub will make it easier for us to track the issue. Thanks.
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Re: HDR10 to HLG conversion

Post by mduell »

HB doesn't even handle 10-bit through the pipeline or HDR yet, some newfangled hybrid thing is quite a ways off.
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