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Windows GUI

Post by katiequinn »

First off, I want to say that this program is pretty impressive. For it being a pre-1.0 release, it's very stable and feature-rich and could compete with a lot of the paid programs that do the same. So thanks for making this.

There are a few feature requests I'd like to make though (and I've already looked at the roadmap).

The first feature request I'd like to make is after you're done encoding one DVD and you go to eject it, it should clear the Source, Title, and Chapter boxes. The reason for this is sometimes when I go to insert another DVD, I forget to hit the source button sometimes to load the disc and I think I've already done it since these boxes are already populated.

Second request I'd like to make is if the queue window is not at the top (behind other windows), hitting the "Show Queue" button should bring it to the front so that you aren't wondering why it isn't showing up.

The last request I'd like to make is if the second chapter box has a number selected that's lower than the first chapter box it should drop the first chapter box down to this number instead of doing nothing. This mechanism already is implemented for vice-versa.
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Re: Windows GUI

Post by s55 »

You managed to post in the archived section of the forum (Something I've now fixed the permissions to prevent).
Please take note of the header that states we are using GitHub for feature releases.

Finally, I'd note, HandBrake is at currently at version 1.2.2 so it sounds like your using a version of several years ago.
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