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Mac mini e-GPU

Post by packetsight »

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Does Handbreak Support Mac mini with e-GPU. ???

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Re: Mac mini e-GPU

Post by majortom67 »

Nope. Not al least on my MBPro 2018 with 10.14.x + AMD RX580 (or VEGA 56) in eGPU and HB 1.2.2. But is supported under Bootcamp/Win 10 /HB 1.2.2 although performance is very poor.

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Re: Mac mini e-GPU

Post by JohnO »

Could you elaborate on what does not work. I have a new Mac Mini with EGPU. The command line version of Handbrake seems to work fine. However, I am just now trying to rip a DVD with the regular version (the command line is used for downloaded files).

The program launches but says that I need to install the LIBDVD file (which should be there,) When I got the Mac Mini, this is the first time I have used Mojave.

Just curious what issues you are seeing (i.e. won't boot for you, won't rip any DVDs, won't transcode and existing file, etc)?


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Re: Mac mini e-GPU

Post by Rodeo »

packetsight wrote:
Mon May 13, 2019 6:50 am
Description of problem or question:

Does Handbreak Support Mac mini with e-GPU. ???
Not for hardware-accelerated encoding, no.

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