Change A/R or crop?

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Change A/R or crop?

Post by Phototaker »

When I encode for myself I always leave old 4x3 ratio files in the same aspect ratio. Now I have been asked to decode some old files but convert them to 16.9. All of the originals are PAL 720x576.

I have looked at the guide & it seems as if I have 2 choices which amount to either crop or stretch, by using either loose or custom. What I don't see is whether or not Handbrake can alter the aspect ration of the outputted pixels or not. Can it do so? I would have thought that this type of conversion might come up quite regularly but I'm surprised that I cant find any presets for what would be the more frequently requested changes.

Are there any presets for doing any of these sorts of conversions?

Thanks in advance

PS: I notice that the latest version doesn't seem to include the feature where If you wished to stop the PC closing down you had 1 minute in which you could prevent this from happening. Is it missing or did I miss it?
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