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No Valid Source Found

Post by birman »

Hi all!

Merry Christmas. I hope it is a great one for you all.

I'm helping a friend with her actor showreel for Christmas and I have one scene which is on a DVD and I downloaded Handbrake to put it into the cut but it said that I needed to download a plug in to take off the security settings, which I did, but now I get this message!

Can anyone help with a step by step way to download a DVD onto a Macbook Pro with Retina into a .mov or mp4 file? It's a pirate protected DVD.

Thank you sooooo much in advance for your help!
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Re: No Valid Source Found

Post by Woodstock »

There are instructions around here for how to download the necessary library to make Handbrake capable of decoding MOST DVDs, or get a specialized tool like MakeMKV ( that makes keeping up with the copy protection war a priority.
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Re: No Valid Source Found

Post by TedJ »

Download the installer package from the videolan website, if you failed to do so initially. If it's still not working please post an activity log for this DVD.
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