Directshow to mjpeg stream?

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Directshow to mjpeg stream?

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Hi peeps,

I am going round and round trying to solve this problem. I have a cctv camera that outputs a composite signal. To get this into my pc, I use a startech composite to MPEG adapter. I can view the stream on the pc using directshow.
The problem is that the program I want to use(openalpr) only takes a mjpeg stream. Is there a solution that will take the directshow stream and rebroadcast it as mjpeg so openalpr can see it?

Many thanks

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Re: Directshow to mjpeg stream?

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Re: Directshow to mjpeg stream?

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Re: Directshow to mjpeg stream?

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if you poke around, you can probably find a Pinnacle DC10+, which is an MJPEG analog capture card.
You will have to run it on a Win98SE computer.
This is untested with your recognition software.
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