Chapter Breaks Within a "Movie"

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Chapter Breaks Within a "Movie"

Post by fullerflyer »

I know this has been discussed on the Handbrake forums, but I want to bring new life to it :wink:

Is there any possibility in sight for the ability to encode movies with chapter breaks?

I like to burn concert DVD's to be usable on the iPod, and I would love to be able to skip to and from different tracks - from song to song...


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Re: Chapter Breaks Within a "Movie"

Post by dynaflash »

fullerflyer wrote:Is there any possibility in sight for the ability to encode movies with chapter breaks?
We actually have a ticket for that very feature, however I do not believe that it is in the scope of MediaFork 0.8.0. So, we will take your request under advisement and keep it in our plans for future versions.

Obviously, the other option would be to rip each chapter (song, they are usually split up by chapter) as a separate movie.

Sorry about that. Hope you like the software and let us know what you think or if you have any other questions.

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Post by Slyder »

I've been trying to achieve this very task myself. Seems like the .mp4/.m4v container is a little tricky with how it handles its metadata. I believe that the chapter info would go into the udta atom, but I have not found a way to make it work with .mp4 or .m4v. Chapters worked for me in a .mov container, but I'll wait for the ability to chapterize an mp4/m4v, heck Apple and Nero can do it, so can we.
I would really love to see fullerflyer's request come to life in a later version of MediaFork, I'm willing to help in whatever way that I can.

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