Benchmark Guide [PLEASE READ]

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Benchmark Guide [PLEASE READ]

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Hi All,

Putting an updated guide to posting benchmark information out there.
Using standard settings and sources will allow others to re-create the results

Sample sources
The following sources are freely available and thus good to allow folks to make their own comparisons.

Big Buck Bunny 1080p30 and 4k30

Tears of Steel *Using the HD 1080P or 4K 3840 downloads

Settings to use

For 1080p sources, use preset "Fast 1080p30" and "H.265 MKV 1080p30"
For 4K source, use "Fast 1080p30", "H.264 MKV 2160p60" and "H.265 MKV 2160[60"

If you use custom settings, please use your own activity log. We would however appreciate any of the above presets for a known baseline.

If your not able to run all these encodes, feel free to select one. Just define what you did in your post.

Information to provide
  • Average FPS extracted from the log for easy reading.
  • Please provide the full activity log of the encode.
  • Please provide information about your system: (CPU, Any Overclocks, RAM, Storage Type / size, operating system and version)