Feature Request: Pixel Scale beside preview window

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Feature Request: Pixel Scale beside preview window

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Greetings to all,

I think Handbrake represents the Best in Class for Video Transcoder software for Linux. It is one of the few programs that live up to the promise of being truly intuitive. This is a reflection upon the developers and the members of the community who strive mightily for excellence.

I have a suggestion for an addition to Handbrake that I would find helpful. Perhaps others would as well. What I would really like to see added is a scale, in pixels, along the X and the Y axises of the image of the video being worked on currently in Handbrake. I would find this helpful in determining how many pixels to specify if I wish to edit out a portion of a video file I am working on (e.g., black area surrounding a video, etc).

Not being very knowledgeable about these matters, I have to imagine this has been suggested before, but perhaps cannot be accomplished for some technical reason(s). Or, perhaps this feature is already present and in my ignorance I have not seen it. If either of these are true, if you would please let me know, I would be most grateful.

My respect and best regards,
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