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Guide to Posting Benchmarks

Post your testing results with HandBrake.
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Guide to Posting Benchmarks

Post by baggss » Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:16 pm

When posting your benchmarks please include the following information:

Machine Type:
CPU Speed:
Number of CPUs
Rip Format (MP4, AVI etc)
Video Size & settings: (640x480, anamorphic, deinterlace etc)
Quality / Bit Rate:
1 or 2 Pass:
Min/Max or Average Frames Per Second (FPS):

Any other comments you desire:

This will allow others to judge their results based on your settings.

Also, please look before starting a new post. If there is already a thread for a 2Ghz Core2Duo MacBook and that is what you have, consider posting in the existing thread unless you settings are radically different.