Dell PowerEdge 2850 Server

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Dell PowerEdge 2850 Server

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Machine Type: PowerEdge 2850 2U Server
CPU Speed: [/b]2 - 2.8Ghz Intel Xeon Quad Core
Rip Format: MKV to MP4
Video Size & Settings: 1280x720, unknown
Quality/BitRate: 720p HDTV X264, 384kb/s
1 or 2 Pass: 1 I believe
Min/Max Average Frames per sec(FPS): Average - 17.10FPS

Added Comments:
After seeing how processor intensive handbreak is I started bringing my Rips to work to run on the servers. Now I would really like to see how fast I can get these servers to churn out Rips. Does anyone have any suggestions on increasing the performance of handbreak when running off of Windows Server 2008 R2, and has anyone tried to load balance the workload over multiple computers? Any suggestions are welcome. Also is there a test video out there that I could rip to better compare the servers?

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