xbox 360 to xvid with ac3 stutters

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xbox 360 to xvid with ac3 stutters

Post by llyenn »

Hi. just switched over to OSX from Vista, and found out about handbrake from a friend. I used to use DVD Fab Decrypter on my Vista box to do my xvid encoding, but I am trying to do everything natively in OSX.

My current issue is as follows. I typically rip movie only, with automatic cropping, anamorphic settings depend on the move, and CBR set to 2000. I rip to xvid for the xbox as it is the only contained to support AC3, and that is the audio stream I want. So, I set handbrake to AC3 passthrough. It converts. I play it on the xbox, and the stream stutters terribly. I have tried this with several movies, and I also verified stream info on some older movies that I ripped with DVD Fab that work flawlessly.

Does anyone have any ideas? I saw another thread that was similar but no solid resolution and it sounded different enough to me. TIA!

Log file can be found here

Media Info view of Mirrors.avi (the file in question) ... irrors.txt
Media Info view of an older DVD Fab rip ... DA.avi.txt
Media Info view 0.7.11 was used on a VM.
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Re: xbox 360 to xvid with ac3 stutters

Post by refulgentis »

maybe because you're using a crappy deprecated codec with an even [Censored] ancient container on a crappy torrented source.
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Re: xbox 360 to xvid with ac3 stutters

Post by s55 »