apple tv HD spec (from HD/1080p source)

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apple tv HD spec (from HD/1080p source)

Post by daman123x »

from what i've found and tested, start with the apple tv profile

make sure 64bit MP4 is on (and file type is m4v)
custom width: 1280* (leave height blank)
Crop: Auto (or custom if you know what you want)
Anamorphic: Off (you're shrinking from a larger source, you have to do this before you enter width)
Bitrate: 5000 (max tech spec for atv, single pass, untested if ATV can handle large br spikes)
audio1: AAC
audio2: ac3 (you must have this for surround in atv, if you don't, convert from DTS)

* - width is 1280 if source is NTSC 23.976 fps. IF source is 29.97, use width of 960, but this is untested

let me know if i'm missing something.
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