16:9 DVD TV shows to iPod - but I also want it on iTunes!

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16:9 DVD TV shows to iPod - but I also want it on iTunes!

Post by ixnix »

Hi everyone,

I am very new to encoding video, especially for my iPod. I have tried reading the available tutorials and instructions, but I am still confused as to how it applies to my particular situation. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can sort of walk me through what I need to do and answer my questions.

I am trying to get a DVD compilation of TV shows onto my video iPod. Ideally, I would like it to work just as well as a TV show purchased from the iTunes Store. I want to play it on my iPod, but also be able to play it in iTunes on my computer, just as a purchased show allows.

The DVD TV shows have a 16:9 ratio. When I load the DVD into MediaFork, it tells me the size of the videos are 720x480. I have read the size you should aim for on the iPod (and the size purchased shows come in) is 640x480. With my 16:9 aspect ratio however, MediaFork only allows 640x368. If it will play well on my iPod I don't care, but is it preferable to have it in 640x480 size?

The other thing is, purchased TV shows play in iTunes fullscreen. When I try to play my converted video (at the weird, 640x368 size) it play in true fullscreen (without the black sides like purchased shows) but the quality is much worse. It looks as if it is stretching to play the show in full screen mode. Does anyone know what settings I should use to get the video to play well on my iPod AND in iTunes?

Lastly, what bit rate should I use? I have seen tutorials stating that the iPod cannot handle more than 750, but I have seen other articles saying you can go up to 1500. What is the truth?

Thanks so so much for any help you can give me, and thanks for reading this huge post.

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Post by dynaflash »

If you havent, read the sticky at the top of this forum:
It should answer most, if not all of your questions.

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