AppleTV Video on iPhone

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AppleTV Video on iPhone

Post by jthebrownboy »

Does anyone know if I can play any AppleTV formatted video on my iPhone? I want to try and get the best format on my computer without doing multiple rips for multiple devices. Thanks!
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Re: AppleTV Video on iPhone

Post by nightstrm »

Depends on what you mean by "AppleTV formatted video". If you mean a video created with the AppleTV preset, then no you cannot transfer the file to your iPhone.

I consider the videos that I create using my custom preset to be "AppleTV formatted", and they work perfectly on both devices. I posted an older version of my preset in the "Best Settings" thread in the Devices forum. I've promised to put my latest version up, but have been busy... maybe I'll post it later today.
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Re: AppleTV Video on iPhone

Post by Bog »

For multiple playback devices you'll have to encode to the lowest common denominator. For you, that will be the iPhone. Apple TV can playback the iPhone files (but not necessarily vice versa).

For TV shows I encode using the iPod high-res presets. I do two-pass encoding, set average video bitrate to 1600 and enable forced subtitles. This uses stereo audio and creates a file that plays fine on my iPhone and Apple TV (displaying on a 32" LCD). Although I use DVD source these are similar settings of the content found in the iTunes store for legacy and new release titles.

For movies, I encode them using the Apple TV preset since I'm a bit more concerned with quality. I don't intend on watching these on my iPhone. These files include stereo and AC3 audio.
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Re: AppleTV Video on iPhone

Post by sbalthazor »

For the original poster - go read up starting at the link below and follow it for a few posts - a pretty good discussion on some nice settings (I use a variation on them). ... =75#p27116

That should get you going, and you'll get a great file that looks good on both. Only issue is size/time (generally the files are larger, and they take longer to encode). If you want to use presets, then Bog is right - pick the lowest common - but you can do a lot better if you experiment.
nightstrm wrote: I've promised to put my latest version up, but have been busy... maybe I'll post it later today.
I'm interested in the settings still (especially since you're playing with the latest SVN's)...
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