Help with settings please

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Help with settings please

Post by Mr.alan »

Description of problem or question:

Hi all
So i guess this hopefully is a general question and hopefully easily answered by knowledgeable members
I have put all my home videos ( from the 80s ) on Dvds I done this about 20 years ago on a jvc video Dvd machine . You simply popped your vhs tape in and a blank dvd - and job done . Now I want to transfer these dvds on to a Hd for posterity and so you can watch on Tv from the Hard Drive

I’ve gleaned the net to look for best settings for Handbrake - my goal is to have the best quality I can - so time is not a issue .

Can anyone tell me the very best settings overall .

Thanks in advance

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Handbrake 1.12:

iMac - version 10.15.7

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Re: Help with settings please

Post by rollin_eng »

Try just ripping with makemkv, that will hopefully give you a perfect copy.
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Re: Help with settings please

Post by Deleted User 13735 »

Settings are largely inconsequential beyond matching resolution and frame rate, as the presets are already overkill for your VHS transfers, which are the limiting quality factor. Choose the preset that matches your DVD source. You can't make a DVD into "HD," no matter what you've read.
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Re: Help with settings please

Post by mbullard »

I see Handbrake lists the Source (Yesvideo, 720x480, 29.97 fps, 1 audio track) when I load the DVD. Is there a quality difference for Very Fast 720p30 and Fast 720p30? The Default is Fast 1080p30, is that better quality?
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Re: Help with settings please

Post by Deleted User 13735 »

Theoretically, yes. With DVD source, not likely.
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