Audio encode - Bitrate vs. Quality

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Audio encode - Bitrate vs. Quality

Post by hsauertieg »

Description of problem or question:

I just would like to know how the Audio Quality scale works. It goes from 1 to 10. Is 1 the best, or the worst?

Steps to reproduce the problem (If Applicable):

HandBrake version (e.g., 1.0.0):

HandBrake 1.3.3

Operating system and version (e.g., Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Windows 10 Creators Update):

Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2

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        "DRC": 0.0,
        "Encoder": "av_aac",
        "Gain": 0.0,
        "Mixdown": 1,
        "NormalizeMixLevel": false,
        "Quality": 5.0,
        "Samplerate": 0,
        "Track": 0,
        "DitherMethod": 0
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Re: Audio encode - Bitrate vs. Quality

Post by musicvid »

10 is better. I suspect it takes longer to encode, but maybe not much.
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