Turing NVENC H.265 b-frames in Handbrake

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Turing NVENC H.265 b-frames in Handbrake

Post by RMDK »

I searched the forum but did not find a direct answer. The question is: when I start a Nvidia NVENC H.265 encode on an Nvidia Turing videocard, how can I enable b-frames? Do I need to add some extra parameters in the Advanced Options field, or it is done autimatically? Also, is there a way to see if my output video has b-frames? A Handbrake’s log file does not show information about b-frames being used. Is there some free software which can tell me if there are b-frames in the video stream?
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Re: Turing NVENC H.265 b-frames in Handbrake

Post by musicvid »

NVENC does use b-frames, otherwise your files would be much larger.
That layer of control is not exposed to users. It has nothing to do with Handbrake.
There is an ancient utility that will tell you (GSpot), but it's not necessary; it is what it is. Look on Videohelp.
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