Parameter "Encoded date"

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Parameter "Encoded date"

Post by vadimpl »

How to change parameter "Encoded date" to date of creation original video (file)?
It required for correct upload video at Google Photo. The Timeline see this parameter.

MediaInfo report:

Code: Select all

Complete name : D:\album\2020\02\20200208_150746.mkv 
Format : Matroska 
Format version : Version 4 
File size : 68.0 MiB 
Duration : 33 s 354 ms 
Overall bit rate : 17.1 Mb/s 
Encoded date : [b]UTC 2020-05-26 04:06:09[/b] 
Writing application : HandBrake 1.3.1 2020010400 
Writing library : Lavf58.29.100 
ErrorDetectionType : Per level 1
HandBrake version 1.3.1 2020010400

OS: Windows 10 build 19041.264
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Re: Parameter "Encoded date"

Post by rollin_eng »

You cant do this with HB.
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