Audio Selection Behavior

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Audio Selection Behavior

Post by thoennes »

Description of problem or question:

More control over audio selection process.

What I would like to do:
Within the selected langane(s) (per each language, if more than one is selected) have a priority of preferred audio formats.

For instance, I prefer TRUEHD 7.1 over Dolby 5.1, or whatever. And I prefer the built-in stereo track (if it's there) as a secondary. Basically, I want the best audio format, losslessly, AND the best stereo option (lossless passthrough, if it's there, mixed down, otherwise).

This makes it possible for most things to play (or downmix on their own) the main audio. And the stereo (passthrough or handbrake downmixed) for truly lame (Apple, I'm lookin at *you*) playback situations.

Having the checkboxed options in a drag and drop orderable list would give me this, along with a trackmax number indicating HOW many audio tracks are included. And instructions on "fallback" to 1) define the fallback track and 3) to define the mixdown, if that's not there.

So if I had, in this order:


and channel preference order

And an "always include a 2.0 channel"

And a trackmax of 2

And I had a source that looked like:
English DTS-HD 7.1
English DTS 5.1
English AC3 2.0
English AC3 5.1

I would end up with:
English DTS-HD 7.1
English AC3 2.0

If that same source didn't have the English AC3 2.0 track, I'd get:
English DTS-HD 7.1
English AAC 2.0 (mixed down from first track)

If my lest track was 5.1
English DTS-HD 7.1
English DTS 5.1
(on me to know that my least track is acceptable on my target devices or not.

Essentially, I want 2 audio tracks. The best audio track passed through. And, at least a stereo track. Passed through if it's there, mixed down otherwise. If stereo is the best track, then just that. Passed though.

I can write a script wrapper to do this. But it can probably be expressed in the GUI as clear as (possibly clearer) than the selection behavior already is.
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Re: Audio Selection Behavior

Post by Woodstock »

The existing audio selection rules are not that sophisticated. You'll have to go over to the Handbrake github and make a feature request, but... Don't count on it being taken up right away.
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